The Focus Machine

One key topic for me these days is "focus". I am reaching a new level of understanding the fact that "focus is prosperity". If you know what you want and you put all your energy there, the universe will respond with rich gifts.

Through our ability to focus, we humans can basically manifest anything. Money is a good example.
I am bringing up this topic not just because it is currently important to me, but I'm also realizing that this changes my perspective on TimeWaver quantum technology:

TimeWaver is a Focus Machine.

Let me explain.
Imagine you want something. From my mentor Mahima I have this beautiful mantra "Money flows to me in increasing quantities from multiple sides, continuously and effortlessly". She says it is vital to repeat this mantra over and over again, for months and probably even years for it to take eventual effect.

For me, this brings up the question, why so many repetitions are necessary and why a long time span is required.

Here is a potential answer: Humans in the 21st century are easily distracted. If we were in the position to easily manifest our focus and energy just over an hour, we would probably be able to manifest anything.

Which means that, if we find a way to distraction-free focus on what we want, we'd get it. Unfortunately, our mind is extremely busy, hence the difficulty to achieve this task.

This is where TimeWaver quantum technology comes into play. TimeWaver has no mind and no emotions and doesn't need to bring the kids to school in 10 minutes. It just sends vibrations into the quantum field and thus does exactly what I'm describing above: Project a hundred percent clear focus into the quantum space, from where it returns to reality as the manifestation we've been asking for. Money, for instance.

This is where the power of quantum technology lies. It essentially multiplies our focus and, through this, leads to rapid and accurate manifestations (of which my beloved mentees and coachees and I are ample witness).

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