Combining an ages old healing technique with quantum technology

Lately I‘ve been reading Deepak Chopra‘s and Rudolph Tanzi‘s book „Super-Brain“. One passage resonated with me very strongly. It was about Hawaiian healers. Researchers found that the patients of Hawaiian healers showed significant changes in their brain structure during treatment. This came as a surprise because the healing process took place over a large distance and there was no physical contact involved. Obviously, the influence of the healers over a distance had an affect on the neurological processes happening in the brains of patients.

When asked what their healing method is, the healers said that they essentially send the best intentions to the patient. Inspired by this finding, I started to put even more focus on the desired state of my mentees when working with them. Using this strong target state in conjunction with the power of TimeWaver quantum field technology shows extremely good results. in fact, these results are much better than what comes out of the system when solely focusing on the problem and the conflict that should go away.

Even more done before I understand today that our intentions and thoughts and feelings matter. They are the determinants of our life. I am grateful to understand this and to be able to combine this with quantum field technology to the benefit of humanity.